Amazingly Amazing with Jia Love Life - Om Super Food & Goddess Temple Retreat Center
Welcome to Om Super Food and Goddess Temple Web Site.

While you are here I invite you to take a moment to be here now. 
Take this journey to a blissful thought, Relax your body and Breath into your Beautiful    Spirit and pose.

From the Yoga term, Om Nama Shiva Ya can be Thanks God!
Thanks God for being Here in this moment. Breathing fresh air and drinking fresh water. 

Om Super food can take you to the extra bliss of Being here.

We are more than welcome to offer:

Gojis, Cacao Powder,Cacao Beans, Coconut oil, Hemp seed,Coconut Sugar, Maca, Nori, Cacao Nibs, Almonds, Chia seeds, Wheat Grass Powder, Alfalfa powder, chlorella, Carob powder and much more. 

Goddess Temple, offer Nutrition advices, Personal Coaching, Raw Food Classes, Retreat Space for people that want to Relax and expand their Spiritual Path, Health,  Experience of Yoga, Juices and much more
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